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Safe Haven Defense Texas is the only authorized dealer of Safe Haven Defense's industry leading and NIJ/UL certified security glass laminate in the state of Texas.
Worried that you are not as safe as you could be? Let us come and do a comprehensive threat and vulnerability assessment on your structure. This review will assist you in identifying areas of security weaknesses within your property.
Please contact us today to allow us to conduct a free initial assessment of your property and make recommendations to protect your most important assets.
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Smash Resistant Window Laminate

Our Solar Control Security Laminate offers superior protection against glass breakage from criminal action, severe weather, explosive forces and even bullets.

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Riot Control Security Laminate

The Riot Control Laminate offers a superior level of strength and security to existing glass windows and doors that creates a “Clear Security Shield” made to keep the bad guys out.

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Bullet Resistant Security Laminate

Our Bullet Resistant Laminate offers the same solar control qualities as the smash and riot control film. However, this film is a ballistic resistant film system validated to pass National Institute of Justice (NIJ Level I, Level II, Level IIA) and United Laboratories (UL 752) ballistic resistance test standards.

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Kevlar Paneling for Vehicles

We also offer vehicle protection packages! These consist of custom cut window laminate protections and Kevlar panels for the safest ride on the road.

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About Us
Safe Haven Defense Texas, a division of StealthPoint International, is a veteran and law enforcement officer owned company.
Our staff consists of industry professionals with extensive backgrounds in military, law enforcement, government and corporate security fields. We are subject matter experts in the security industry and are dedicated to finding solutions for the ever increasing threats to our citizens, first responders and especially, our children.
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